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America's Showcase, Girls Team Indiana brings home the Championship!

2017 America's Showcase, Girls Team Indiana

The first year of entering a Girls team in the America's Showcase, Girls Team Indiana brings home the Championship.  The girls out scored their opponents 27-7.  Winning over Atlantic Red 8-1, Northern Plains 5-3, Illinois 8-1, Mid Am (2 time defending Champs) 2-1 overtime, and Atlantic Red in Championship game 4-1.  Madilynn Hickey and Claire Hickey (Illiana League) lead the girls and boys in points for the showcase.  Madilynn with 13 pts, 4 goals and 9 assists, Claire with 12 pts, 7 goals and 5 assists.  We had two other girls that were in the top 20 for total points against boys and girls, Taylor Brandeburg (Culver) with 7pts (4 goals and 3 assists) and Gabrielle Slylkas ( Culver) with 7 pts as well (1 goal 6 assists).  Total showcase points for just the girls teams, Team Indiana girls had 7 players in the top 10.  Madilynn, Claire, Taylor, Gabrielle, Brooke Almond (Indy League) 5pts (3G, 2A), Zoe Davis (Indy League) 5pts (2G, 3A), and Hannah Jura 5pts (1G, 4A).  The Showcase gave 4 awards for the girls teams with Girls Team Indiana Players received two of them.  Taylor Brandeburg received the Roger Sharrer Outstanding Defense man Award and Claire Hickey receiving the J.J. O'Connor Most Valuable Player Award.  These awards were voted by opposing coaches.  The goaltenders did an outstanding job as well, Jasmine Johnson (Culver) finishing 2 in rankings (boys and girls) with 43 saves (.935%) and Sophie Bischof (.897%) (Indy League) finishing 4th in rankings among the girls teams and 12th overall.

  Julie Sochacki


The Girls Team Indiana after the big win!

2017-18 Team Indiana U18 & U16 rosters and the U19 coming soon!

U18 & U16 Team Indiana prospects Roster To Date.

U18 Team Indiana              U16 team                  U19 team coming soon!

Fralich, Andrew                  Anderson, Henry

Frassinone, Michael         Bedich, Sam

Freeby, Ryan                         Busse, Terry

Hanley, George                   Cocquyt, Cannon

Huskin, Jacab                       DeLaney, Tommy

Jamieson, Riley                   Eustace, Vlad

Kazmierczak, Nick            Hebert, Tyler

Kritikos, Kristopher         Hoskins, Matthew

Lucchese, Sam                     James, Nick

Santos, Ben                            Lowinger, Adidan

Spaletto, Matt                      Ott, Owen

Thomas, Kyler                      Perry, Cameron            

Tocci, Ben                               Perry, Devon

Curry, Alec                            Timmons, Griffin

DeLaney,Brady                 Vassey, Joseph

Kasper, Jason

Wirth, Ryan

Ott, Drake

Shaughnessy, Joe


Team Indiana Prospects U18 & U16 BOYS and U19 GIRLS teams tryouts, contact:

Jack Manard, Hockey Director

America's Hockey Showcase in Pittsburgh, PA., April 20-24, 2017.

Good luck to both our TEAM INDIANA GIRLS and our TEAM INDIANA BOYS headed to compete against some of the top players in the USA, at the heavily scouted America's Hockey Showcase in Pittsburgh, PA., April 20-24, 2017.
I am proud to announce that this  is the inaugural year for Indiana to have a girls team represented at the Showcase.
The boys team will again compete in the elite A bracket.
To watch our teams via a live stream, google AMERICAS HOCKEY SHOWCASE 2017 / Pittsburgh, to find broadcast info.
Team Indiana 2017 players:
Brooke Almond
Michelle Behshid
Sophia Bischof 
Taylor Brandeburg
Olivia Burke
Sydney Cobbs
Zoe Davis
Madelyn Grau
Claire Hickey
Madilynn Hickey
Jasmine Johnson
Hannah Jura
Katie May
Caroline Riley
Alyssa Scott-Rich
Gabrielle Slykas
Sarah Tretina
Katherine Trudeau
Head Coach Julie Sochacki
Asst. Coach Tim Bischof 
Asst. Coach Jackie Kooistra 
Manger Marie Hickey 
Marcus Aho 
Sean Bird 
Connor Bonecutter 
Carson Brown 
Reidar Burgeson 
Kyle Cocquyt 
AJ Crawford 
Alec Curry 
Ryan Freeby 
Andrew Fralich 
Nick Kazmierczak 
Jared Lamothe 
Nikita Morozov 
Connor Murphy 
Will Patton 
Jacob Ruelle 
Joe Shaughnessy 
Bryson Stutesman 
Austin Todd 
Gaku Tokusumi

Head Coach Jack Manard

Asst. Coach Bil Murray
Asst. Coach Tyler Mason
Manager Katie Miller
Bus driver Randy Sales
For information re. next years BOYS and GIRLS Team Indiana tryouts, contact:
Jack Manard, Hockey Director

TEAM INDIANA 2018 Player info needs sent in before March 31,2017.

U18 tryouts are April 29 and 30 , 2017 

U16 tryouts are May 6 and 7, 2017


PLAYER info pages are do before MARCH 31,2017 for more info please see the 2018 Team Indiana info on the drop down bar at the top of the page.


Kind Regards

ISHSHA Board members. 

Indiana Hockey Community - We Need your help ASAP!


We have a saying, "Hockey family is family."  Talk to anyone outside of the hockey community about that, and they can't really understand it.  But if you're a hockey family, you know what I'm talking about.  No matter where you play, you have a special kinship with other hockey families that can't be explained.  It's through that kinship and that connection  that we're asking for your help.

One of our very own Hoosier hockey players needs the strength and support of our extended Hoosier Hockey Family.  Jack Miller, who plays for the Bloomington Blades 12U team, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  As you you know, costs associated with treatment can quickly spiral out of control, so friends of the family have started a gofundme page to help Jack's cause.   You can access that page right here:  Jack Miller's Gofundmepage .

We'd like to be there, covering the game, when Jack laces up his skates next season.  With your help, we'll get Jack back on his feet in time for the Silver Stick tournament in Fort Wayne.

And Jack, if you're reading, the Hoosier Hockey Community will be with you every step of the way!




State Fee: $1,700.00 

State Invitational Tournament fee of $1,700 due to State Treasurer by November 1 ,2016 with Late fee ($250) goes into effect for State Invitational Tournament (total fee due becomes $1,950.00). No fees will be accepted after December 15, 2016 .

Send to:
David Hudson
ISHSHA State fee's
413 Autumn Dr.
Carmel, IN 46032

    2016 ISHSHA Culver Meeting Agendas

    9 AM ISHSHA Board meeting

    Lunch  11:45 AM

    12:45 PM ISHSHA General meeting. 


    For the Annual Meeting of Member Teams we require that the Team Manager, or designated Team Official, attend this meeting.  The individual who should attend is the person who will be responsible for the player and team registration process and the person who handles the year-end awards.  In addition, the Team's Head Coach is required to attend this meeting if this is his or her first season as the head coach of that team.  If these individuals cannot attend, and they cannot find an appropriate person to attend on his or her behalf, they are to request a waiver from the appropriate League's President who will in turn communicate the request to me for a final decision

    Thank you.

    Dennis Jordan


    My Hockey Ranking

    MYHockey rankings are calculated using the most accurate, objective formula available for North American youth hockey. The rankings do a great job of answer questions about the relative strength of your opponents. There are imperfections such as incomplete or inaccurate lists of game scores. Because one formula can't perfectly place every team at every level, we do see teams that logic might tell us should be ranked higher or lower. One team's slight misplacement does not, however, mean that a different formula be used to place the other in MYHockey. Please read the MYHockey FAQ for more info about MYHockey and our ranking algorithm.