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    2018-19 Team Registration and ISHSHA STATE FEES



    State Tournament Play

    Here are the seedings for the State Tournament:
    Class 4A - play in South Bend
    Class 3A - play in Fishers
    Class 1A and 2A - play in Fort Wayne

    4A -
    1. Culver A
    2. Zionsville
    3. Adams
    4. Penn
    5. LC Blue
    6. Carmel Gold
    7. St. Joe
    8. Lakeshore St.Joe

    3A -
    1. Bloomington
    2. CI Knights
    3. South Stars Red
    4. Evansville
    5. Crown Point Red
    6. Carroll
    7. Columbus
    8. HSE A

    2A -
    1. Homestead
    2. Bishop Noll
    3. Riley
    5. Summit City
    6. Culver B
    7. Leo
    8. Munster

    1A -
    1. Bishop Dwenger
    2. Valporasio
    3. Carmel Blue
    4. Westfield
    5. LC White
    6. Fort Wayne Bruins
    7. Crown Point White
    8. Play In winner

    Play In Game
    HSE B vs South Stars White

     Schedules will be sent to your league reps for distribution. 



    Jeff Lafferty - One of the 365 Vibrant People of Elkhart County.

    Nobody has it better than Jeff Lafferty. Just ask him.Jeff loves living – so much so that he has beaten back cancer time and time again. It’s a good thing too.  Just ask his friends. There’s a whole bunch of people who think the world of Jeff and are sure happy he’s around.

    Jeff is one of the nicest, kindest, most giving people you could ever meet. If you have ever been to an ice rink in the area, chances are you’ve seen Jeff. Simply said, Jeff is just nuts about hockey (and a little crazy too – he was a goalie after all).

    He has a coached, scouted, served on committees, run clinics, kept score and has been the PA announcer.  He always reminds kids that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  Few people with Jeff’s talents for doing things are able to match his hard work as a volunteer.

    Jeff’s younger son Andrew plays and his older son Matt referees. His daughter Ashley plays violin and that’s just fine too. Jeff, his wife Chris and family live in Elkhart.

    Jeff also likes the Chicago Blackhawks, Notre Dame Hockey and Michigan Football.  He is a walking encyclopedia of popular culture and chances are good that song you were thinking about is on his phone.


    TI Girls Hockey


    Dear Rink and Hockey Friends,
    Hope everyone is off to a good season start !
    Rink friends: Attached is a new flyer for our Team Indiana Girls program ... We would sure appreciate it if you could add it to your web site and  ... post it in your facilities.
    Administrative friends: If possible, please send this attachment out to the Leagues so they can disseminate to their respective teams.
    The Girls TI program was very successful in its 1st 2 years and is growing in popularity... but getting the word out regarding the opportunity is key.
    The TI Program and I certainly appreciate your support in disseminating the info / this flyer.

    Cheers to all,
    Jack Manard
    Head U18 Coach & Director of Hockey, Team Indiana
    Head Coach, Indiana University D3 Hockey

    Game Score Sheets

    If at all possible I would like to have the game scoresheets scanned in and sent to me in PDF format. 

    Please make sure that the information is legible that is entered on the scoresheet.

    If you have any questions or  concerns please contact me at:


    Eric Stanifer

    For any information on the 2018-2019 crossover events please click on the CROSSOVER EVENT TAB.

    The following is some coaching information to help you prepare for the 2018-19 season.



    USA Hockey
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    To: All Mid-Am District Coaches

    From: Bill Switaj, Mid-Am Coach-in-Chief

    The following is some coaching information to help you prepare for the 2018-19 season.

    Level 4 Clinics

    • We will have two more Level 4 Clinics this year (We had one in Pittsburgh back in April)
      • September 22 & 23 in Columbus, OH
      • December 29 & 30 in Cleveland
    • They are posted to the USA Hockey website at

    Goaltending Symposium:

    • On July 21-22 we will be having a Dave Peterson Goaltending Symposium.
    • A coach who attends this clinic will advance one level in the Coaching Program and this will fulfill the requirement for the 2018-19 season.
    • This also includes a coach going from Level 3 to Level 4.
      • The only exception is this will not count toward Level 5.
    • The Cost is $125 and includes meals and one night stay on the campus of Kent State.
    • The Symposium is posted on the USA Hockey web site as a High Performance Coaching Clinic at

    Level 1, 2 and 3 Clinics:

    • In the months of July and August we will be posting clinics on the USA Hockey web site at under the coaches section.
    • There will be many more clinics posted as we set them up in the summer.
    • The clinic season starts in late August and goes until late December.
    • Coaches have until December 31st to attend a clinic.
    • Note: Coaches ARE allowed on the ice before taking a clinic since they have until December 31st to attend one.

    Coaching Checklist:

    The following are the five steps that a coach needs to do to be eligible to coach:

    1. Register as a coach with USA Hockey for the 2018-19season. A coach only has to register once. If a coach is registered as an Adult hockey player, he/she does not have to register a second time. Registration is done at
    2. Do the appropriate background screening. This is good for two years and this can be done at
    3. Register and attend a coaching clinic (If it is required). Level 3 is good for two seasons and Level 4 is good for life.
    4. Complete the Online Module (If it is required). Online modules are already up and running online.
    5. Take the Safesport training. All coaches have to take Safesport training which is done online. There is no charge but your USA Hockey membership number is needed to register and is also your ID for having completed the course. Registration is at
      • Safesport is good for two years

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

    ISHSHA info on how to input your schedule correctly.


    1. If you do not have access to your team page yet go to the state site - Up at the very top will be a button to "create an account" Once you have done this and signed in please select the "become a member" which is also located at the top of the site. Once these two things are done please email and state which team you are with. Access can then be granted for the team page.

    2. Navigate your web browser to the state site - Click the "login" button up at the top and login with your SportsEngine account. If you do not have an account or have access to your team page yet please refer to step 1. Once you are logged in navigate to your team page under the "league" tab. If you have access been granted access to your team page you should notice the edit mode switch appear on the very left hand side of the screen once you get to your team page - this lets you know you can now start adding your schedule by clicking the "add game" button located in the center of the screen.

    4. When adding your games please make sure that for all games played within your specific league under the "standings override" option in the game creation screen that it is selected on "affects league and division standings". When entering a game played against any program outside of your league please make sure that it is selected on "affects league standings only".

    2018-19 Indiana HS - All Teams Rankings

    MYHockey rankings are calculated using the most accurate, objective formula available for North American youth hockey. The rankings do a great job of answer questions about the relative strength of your opponents. There are imperfections such as incomplete or inaccurate lists of game scores. Because one formula can't perfectly place every team at every level, we do see teams that logic might tell us should be ranked higher or lower. One team's slight misplacement does not, however, mean that a different formula be used to place the other in MYHockey. Please read the MYHockey FAQ for more info about MYHockey and our ranking algorithm.

    ISHSHA TEAM INDIANA 16U and 18U roster as it stands.

    Team Indiana Head Coach`s Jack Manard & David Murray  are pleased to announce their teams.

    U18 Team Indiana (TO DATE)














    OTT, D




    U16 Team Indiana (TO DATE)











    OTT, O


    PERRY, C

    PERRY, D






    * Coaches are ALWAYS looking for player to complete the roster.