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    New MidAm Hockey website

    Please use the link below for the new MidAm Hockey website:

    National Tournament Letter

    As discussed during the August meeting, please fill out the below letter for your intent to be considered to play in the USA National Hockey tournament and submit it to Steve Bartels ( and Doug Losure  - 

    Mid American District Hockey Background Screening

    Please see the information below for the updated Background Screening process.

    Hockey for Hereos Tournament

    Please see the information below for the 3rd Annual Hockey for Heroes Invitational in Columbus Indiana on February 14th - 16th 2020.  For more information contact Isaac Coy @


    The following are the ISHSHA approved Team Indiana Black-out dates.

    (These dates are mandated by the ISHSHA for Team Indiana players to be excused from their individual high school teams events.)
    All teams in the ISHSHA must adhere to this policy.
    August 25, 2019
    September 6-8, 2019
    January 3-5, 2020
    March 13-15, 2020
    April 15-20, 2020 (Junior and Seniors)
    April 17-19, 2020 (Freshmen and Sophomores)

    New Safesport requartments and Screening

    As a result of serious incidents well covered by the media, the federal government has instituted additional requirements for participants, coaches and volunteers.  To comply with the federal governmental requirements, USA Hockey does not want players or officials who will soon be turning 18 to become ineligible in the middle of a season.

    Therefore, USA Hockey is requiring all players 17 years of age or older on or before December 31st of this upcoming (2019-20) playing season and who play on a team in a classification that allows minor aged players, (i.e. 18U or high school) to complete SafeSport Training before being added to a team and prior to participation with the team (on-ice or off-ice). This requirement applies to all teams in the age classifications Youth, Girls, High School, Junior Hockey, Flex Hockey and Disabled Hockey programs that allow both minor age and adult age players (anyone over 18 years).  No screening is necessary or possible for individuals less than 18 years of age.

    Players in the group identified above that have not completed SafeSport Training cannot be placed on the team’s roster in the USA Hockey registration portal (where rosters are created). The computer program will prevent the player from being added to the team until they have completed the training. Because the player is not on the Official Roster, they are prohibited from participating with the team until the training is completed and the player can be added to the roster.

    We strongly recommend that players act on this new requirement NOW if they are currently 17 or older, or will be on or before December 31st.

    The program is taken online and requires about 90 minutes to complete. Once the fall season is underway, players will likely be consumed with school, hockey, and other commitments. It is to their advantage to take the SafeSport Program NOW and not wait until it is time to be placed on a roster and games are starting.

    The SafeSport Program is free. You must have a USAH Registration Confirmation Number to register to take the training. Players registered with USAH for the 2018/19 season can use the USA Hockey Confirmation Number from that season (which is valid until August 31, 2019) to register to take the training. They may also register with USA Hockey for the 2019/20 and use that confirmation number to register for the course. Effective September 1, 2019, registration for the program requires a 2019/20 USA Hockey Registration.

    To take the SafeSport Program access the online program via the USA Hockey Website Or use this direct link to access the SafeSport site:

    One of the most exciting aspects of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program is the online training/education that is available to help our members become aware of the information necessary to help prevent abuse from occurring in our sport. We are pleased to announce that all USA Hockey registered coaches ...



    Like the requirement this year to complete SafeSport, we anticipate additional changes regarding screening in the 2020/2021 season. At the present time, for the 2019/20 season, there is not a requirement for these individuals (less than 18 years of age or turning 18 during this upcoming season)  to be screened

    Below you will find the Link to the Midam Hockey Screening site.

    Questions Please email 

    Kaye Pinkowski


    We have decided on 17 skaters and a goaltender to date. We are continuing to have conversations with some U-18 players. Here is the list to date:



    1.Ben Hannel (Brebeuf) forward

    2.Silas Deckard (South Stars) forward

    3.Tyler Hebert (South Stars) forward

    4.Carson Treadway (Evansville) forward

    5.Rylee Luebbers (Evansville) forward

    6.Nolan Sarno (Evansville) defense

    7.Owen Hauber (Westfield) defense

    8.Jackson McCoy (Westfield) defense

    9.Dyllan Uehlin (Zionsville) forward

    10.Bradley Gordon (Zionsville) forward

    11.Tom Sullivan (Columbus) forward

    12.Will Tearman (Columbus) forward

    13.Sam Carter (HSE) forward

    14.Aiden Miller (HSE) forward

    15.Sam Bell (CIK) forward

    16.Jake Challand (CIK) forward

    ​17.Sam Franklin (Bloomington) defense


    19.Aiden Hagerty (HSE) goaltender


    2019 T-Bird Classic

    Below is the information for the 2019 T-Bird classic held over Thanksgiving weekend.  

    If there are any questions please contact:

     Christi Demlow

    Tournament Chairperson

    2019-2020 Fort Wayne/Summit City Crossover Weekend

    The Fort Wayne/Summit City Crossover weekend will take place November 1-2-3, 2019.   
    As in seasons past I anticipate spots to fill up quickly.
    Teams can contact Tom Bunn ( )with any questions.
    Thank you,
    Tom Bunn
    HS Hockey Commissioner
    Fort Wayne Amateur Hockey Association

    South Bend Crossover Showcase

    South Bend Crossover Showcase will take place on December 13th-15th.    
    As soon as the hotel information available, it will be posted on the MHSHL website and forward it to those teams that have registered.
    Please feel free to contact Pat Strockrahm with any questions, by email (  or by phone at 574-210-5068.
    Thank you

    U16 TEAM INDIANA 2019-2020


    This years try-out was composed of some of the best players that we have seen in several years. The competition was very strong and the evaluation process was extremely difficult. Every player who attended the tryout sessions worked hard and played well.
    Players not selected will still be scouted throughout the HS season in the event that an injury occurs or a player leaves the team. 
    Congratulations to the following selected players:

    1.      JACOB LEE
    2.      MATTHEW LAWARE
    3.      BO CLARK
    5.      MISHA SAVIN
    6.      MATTHEW SAVAGE
    8.      GRADY BOARDMAN
    9.      AVERY RIVARD
    11.  WILL KRIEG (D/F)
    14.  AVERY BROWN
    19.  JACK PLOMIN

    U18 TEAM INDIANA 2019-2020 SEASON

    This years try-out was composed of some of the best players that we have seen in several years. The competition was very strong and the evaluation process was extremely difficult. Every player who attended the tryout sessions worked hard and played well.
    Players not selected will still be scouted throughout the HS season in the event that an injury occurs or a player leaves the team. 
    Congratulations to the following selected players:
    1-Hayden Breiler
    2-Jackson Blough
    3-John Bondi
    4-Cannon Cocquyt
    5-Tommy DeLaney
    6-Keaton Demlow
    7-Elliot Dougherty
    8-Gavin Fritch
    9-Teddy George
    10-Owen Hamilton
    11-Cole Killboy
    12-Zach Leedy
    13-Aiden Lowinger
    14-Ethan Matthews
    15-Owen Ott
    16-Austin Reasoner
    17-Al Rotiroti
    18-Zane Sanders
    19-Riley Planey
    20- Zak Szumski
    Players and parents: Team Indiana GM / U18 Manager, Katie Miller Manard will be in contact with you regarding details.
    Best regards,
    Jack Manard, Head U18 Coach & Director of Hockey
    Team Indiana

    State Tournament Final Games

    Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in the 2018- 2019 Indiana State High School Hockey State tournament.
    Here are your State Champions:
    Class 1A
    Bishop Dwenger
    Class 2A
    Class 3A
    Central Indiana Knights
    Class 4A
    Culver Varsity A

    ISHSHA info on how to input your schedule correctly.


    1. If you do not have access to your team page yet go to the state site - Up at the very top will be a button to "create an account" Once you have done this and signed in please select the "become a member" which is also located at the top of the site. Once these two things are done please email and state which team you are with. Access can then be granted for the team page.

    2. Navigate your web browser to the state site - Click the "login" button up at the top and login with your SportsEngine account. If you do not have an account or have access to your team page yet please refer to step 1. Once you are logged in navigate to your team page under the "league" tab. If you have access been granted access to your team page you should notice the edit mode switch appear on the very left hand side of the screen once you get to your team page - this lets you know you can now start adding your schedule by clicking the "add game" button located in the center of the screen.

    3. When adding your games please make sure that for all games played within your specific league under the "standings override" option in the game creation screen that it is selected on "affects league and division standings". When entering a game played against any program outside of your league please make sure that it is selected on "affects league standings only".

    2019-2020 Indiana HS - All Teams Rankings

    MYHockey rankings are calculated using the most accurate, objective formula available for North American youth hockey. The rankings do a great job of answer questions about the relative strength of your opponents. There are imperfections such as incomplete or inaccurate lists of game scores. Because one formula can't perfectly place every team at every level, we do see teams that logic might tell us should be ranked higher or lower. One team's slight misplacement does not, however, mean that a different formula be used to place the other in MYHockey. Please read the MYHockey FAQ for more info about MYHockey and our ranking algorithm.